Matt's 40th Birthday Adventure - Day 5 & 6

We spent Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday with Matt's Aunt Julie and Uncle David in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Their grand kids were visiting from Alaska.  We had such a great time hanging out with them.  

 Friday we went to Sioux Falls.  It's such a cool park.  There are plenty of places where you can climb  on the rocks.  The falls are (surprise) gorgeous!  I'm a broken record when it comes to waterfalls.  

The Alaskan cousins are avid hikers.  I was happy to follow their lead.  The oldest was safe, the youngest was daring, and the middle was brave.  Great kids to hang around!

Uncle David is a retired college professor and is involved in the historical society.  He recently took on a new role and we went to see the buildings part so he could open up so they could set up for a talk they were hosting the next day.  There are four historical buildings on the property that people can tour.  It's like a living history museum in that they have people dress in period dress once a month.  It was pretty cool!  

That night we ate at a Guatemalan restaurant.  Delicious!  Similar to Mexican food flavors but different.  I ordered the enchiladas and it came with a big steak with grilled green onions and jalapenos.  It was really good.  We enjoyed our time with them so much!  We are planning to go visit them while they are in Mexico in December or January.  

We left South Dakota Saturday morning.  We made a pit stop in Sioux City, Iowa.  We went to the visitors center that had a nice museum on an old river boat. Then we drove up to see the monument for Chief War Eagle.  He used to stand on the bluff overlooking the highway but they had to move him since the bluff was sliding a bit.

The drive home was long!  After traveling state highways through northern Nebraska the interstate was boring!  We were happy to get home and get our sweet Pickles.

This trip was wonderful!  We had the best time.  Leading up to the trip people asked me what I was going to do, as if I'd be bored, or said things about me being such a good sport, like this was a trip to dread.  On the contrary, I looked forward to it because it was all for my husband.  I read two books, walked almost 10,000 steps every day, rode/drove the golf carts, golfed,  and watched my husband and best friend have the time of his life.  What a joy it was!  


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