Matt's 40th Birthday Adventure - Days 3 & 4

We got to Niobrara, Nebraska Tuesday night.  We did a stay and play package.  We stayed at the casino and the golf course was right behind it.  Part of the deal was that Matt got vouchers for food and gambling each day.  We literally spent $8 on our meals during these two days.

The golf course was called Tatanka (buffalo).  It was also absolutely beautiful!  Here I am back at it, holding the flag.  It's important work, someone's got to do it.

I'm working on my panoramic shots. I could have done a panoramic every single hole we played.

Matt golfed one round on Day 3, Wednesday, and then we went to our hotel for lunch and a nap.  The casino was called Ohiya and was on the Indian reservation.  The casino had penny slots and allowed smoking on the floor.  Our room was on the first floor separated by a lounge and a breezeway but somehow the smell made it down the hall.  Our room was nice, the bed was very comfortable, and it didn't smell at all.  

We had dinner and I was itching to get out and about.  We took our putters and went to the golf course and practiced putting.  Matt showed me a couple games, it was really fun.

Here is the casino and hotel we stayed at.  

Day 4 - Thursday

We finally saw some buffalo!  Or bison!  Whatever, finally!

When Matt finished this round we hit the road to head to South Dakota.  


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