Workin' It Wednesday - How do we keep our marriage strong?

Workin' It Wednesday is all about how we keep our marriages strong. 

Here we are on our wedding day in 2010.  Look at those smiles!

I love my husband!  He loves me!  All you need is love, right?  Right?  That's pretty much true, but marriage is more work than just loving each other.  How do we keep our marriage strong?  Well, here are some of the ways.

We laugh together a lot.  At each other, with each other, we just laugh a lot.

He is my best friend and I am his.  Oh sure, we have other friends and we enjoy time with our friends but ultimately there is no one on earth I would rather spend time with than him. 

We talk to each other.  About all the things from the mundane to the important.

We support each other.  When I left my job he was behind me 100% when I know people were wondering why.  When we began our journey to become parents he was with me at every single appointment.  When we lost our baby he didn't leave my side except the time I was in surgery and he wasn't allowed.

We take time to rest.  Matt has definitely enhanced my understanding of the power of a good nap. 


We have a dog.  Not just any dog, but the sweetest dog ever.

We learn how to do new things together.  Notice how much togetherness we have going on?  We even watch TV together.  LOL!  But seriously, with all this togetherness we have become a really good team.  I have his back and he has mine.  It's easy to keep our marriage strong when he leads our family so well.  We respect each other and value each other.  

The most important way we keep our marriage strong is that we share a common faith in Jesus Christ.  We pray together, we read the Bible, we love the Lord, and we have a common desire to see all peoples (friends, family, strangers, etc.) to love Him too.  

We aren't perfect, we make mistakes, we argue, we get frustrated with each other just like everyone else.  But we love each other, we fight for each other, we work to grow together.  I read this excerpt from a new book on Ann Voskamp's website.  Love has to be a Person before it can become a verb.  Applies in all aspects of life.  


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