Temperature Blanket - January update

One month down and I am loving my temperature blanket.  Here's a close up of the rows.  There are 31 of them.  The first day is at the bottom.  It's the easy bubble stitch because it was a holiday.  

I expected January to be more of the purples and light blues with a bit of gray thrown in.  But as you can see it was a warm January.  The green is 50 degrees and the teal is 40.  There were a lot of color changes.  I didn't anticipate that for January either.  I wasn't sure how I would like the snowy/icy/rainy days with working two colors.  I almost pulled out the first row but I like think it will be a cool thing once I get more rows.  

I laid it out across Pickles the guest bed to show the width.  It's hanging evenly on both sides right over the edge.  The guest bed is a double bed.  I am planning on adding a border once the year is over and adding the year stitched in yarn somewhere.  I've got some time to figure that out.  This really is a fun project!  

PS - I love the photo editing website, Pic Monkey.  You can do some fun things with your photos and create images, like in Photoshop but for free.  I use it a lot, any of the images that have words on them you've seen were done on that website.  Well, they have an app now!!!  That's three exclamation point worthy.  I used the app to make the first image.  So fun!


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