Date Jar

Happy Valentine's Day!  A bit late.  I just realized I had this post sitting in my drafts section.  
I made a Date Jar.  Not that we really need any help coming up with date ideas.  We can make a trip to Target a date, but I thought it would be fun.

I came up with all kinds of ideas that Matt would like and that I would like and cut them out.  Some are things we've done. Some we've never done.  That way if we are ever feeling like doing something special together but are looking for something different we have some ideas.

I love the idea of intentionally dating my husband.  Like I said, we can turn a trip to Target into a date but these ideas take some planning.  Picnics, road trips, inviting friends over, spending time out and at home.  There's a big variation.  I folded up all the ideas and put them in a jar.  I gave the jar to Matt along with some of his favorite candy.  

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our traditional lasagna and went to Perspectives.  😍

I made this for dessert.  Brownie Berry Trifle.  It's so simple!  It's a layer of brownie with strawberries and strawberry whip cream.  I used a box brownie mix. The whipped cream is heavy whipping cream whipped with sugar and vanilla.  Once it's fluffy add in some strawberry jam.  

We shared this jar.


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