Super Saturday!

Where did May go?  Is it really already June 7?  Wow!  

1.  It's no secret I love baking. I love anything in the kitchen but baking is a favorite. I have only had French macarons once before. They were so good. If you have ever read any food blog you have seen macarons and heard how tough they are to make. So I tackled them recently and they really aren't that hard. It just takes patience and a fearless baking attitude. I followed a recipe by Martha added some chocolate and made a vanilla buttercream. Yum yum yum!  Even the batch I over baked was really good. 

2.  I started a new baby afghan. I mean I have been working on so many baby projects for friends and family.  This one I'm using an easy stitch in navy, white, with tan color blocking. I'll show the finished product soon. 

3.  Matt and I booked my 40th birthday beach get away. We are staying here. 

4.  Pretty flowers from my sweetie. 

5.  I've seen a couple of good movies recently. Matt and I saw ten new X-men movie. It was good action and fun. I saw Fault in Our Stars with Jill today. What a tear jerker!  Matt and I watched the Star Trek movie from last summer on netflix last week. It was great!  Netflix recommended we start watching the series Firefly afterwards and it's pretty good too. 

6.  Crazy Friday night at target last night. 


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