High Five for Friday! June 13

1.  I'm always so proud of my husband (even when he gets 7th place).  But on Sunday he got FIRST place in his golf tournament. Good job honey!  It's a pretty awesome trophy!  Plus he won some gift cards to the golf store. 

2.  I got a new grater and let me tell you it is amazing!  Matt and I were at Target one night and I mentioned that we will need a new grater soon because the one we got for our wedding was beginning to crack. I picked out the same one we have. But he said why don't we get this one. It's like the Rolls Royce of graters!  It's huge with big and small shred sides. Plus it comes with a container and lid that fit on the bottom.

3.  This ice cream is everything you want in an ice cream. I dream about this stuff!

4.  Our small group has been reading Ephesians. At girls night we read chapter 4 and discussed.  My favorite verse is 29. Here's my paraphrase - if you can't say something nice just don't, use your words to build others up. The next day I saw these posters I had never really paid attention to hanging in the children's hall. 

5. Last night Matt and I tried out a new to us restaurant called the Liberty Bend Fish Market. It's off the beaten path. They serve po'boy sandwiches, catfish, shrimp, and I saw frog legs on the menu! Matt had the catfish and I had the shrimp po'boy. Both were yummy! The hush puppies were good (not the sweet kind we used to get in Florida but good).  The fries were delish!  They had BBQ that smelled good that we'll try next time or the chicken strips.  

I'm babysitting Jack today so there may be another "Jack & Geeby" post coming soon. 


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