High Five for Friday - June 28

1.  What a great time I had celebrating Maggie's 40th birthday!  We had our hair and makeup done.  I told the make up lady to go for it and boy did she!  I felt way too done up in the afternoon and wasn't sure about a bold eye AND lip color.  But it was very fun and I loved the look!  After that we had a little girl time and margaritas then headed home to change clothes and grab our guys. We went to P&L to have dinner at Makers Mark. It was awesome!  There was a free concert with a great band. Just a wonderful night celebrating friendships. Here's me with Maggie and Autumn at Makers Mark. 

Here's Matt and I. My love!

2.  On Sunday we got to babysit Jack and Evalyn. I cherish these times with our nephew and niece. Here Jack just got up from a nap. 

Matt and Evalyn. I'm enamored with these two. 

3.  Doesn't everyone have 4.5 pounds of chocolate chips in their cupboards?

4.  I thought it was especially lucky to find a heads up penny from 1974.

5.  This week was so busy but I feel so humbly blessed to have been a little part of the 3rd annual GHI fundraiser. I prayed that God would bring people that had a heart for the work and that we would fill that place up. That's what happened. It was a great night!  If you want to learn more about GHI click here


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