High five for Friday!

Another great week!  Here are my top five moments of the week.

1.  We had a great time watching the Super Bowl with Joey, Johnny, Sonia, and Jack.  Pickles stayed home with her football.

2.  I got bangs.  I love them!

3.  I took a half day today to get new contacts.  I took myself out to lunch and went to Target.  I needed it!  I'm counting down the days until our next break!  

4.  I had a great snack this week.  Ritz crackers, mini marshmallows, and Nutella.  Top half of the crackers with a couple marshmallows and microwave for half a minute.  Cover the rest of the crackers with Nutella and sandwich together.  Yummy!

5.  Matt and I got a Roku box this weekend.  We got it to stream Netflix.  There are some free channels and a few more pay sites to stream but we are just going with Netflix and the free channels.  It's been great!  We are catching up on TV series we like.  I highly recommend getting a streaming box if you don't have cable.


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