Friday 5!

I like this Friday 5 challenge I have set for myself.  It helps me focus on the great and wonderful blessings I have in my life.  Even when the weather is cold and dreary, there is a lot of sunshine and warmth in my life.  I'm glad I stumbled across the idea!

1.  On Sunday, Matt and I went to his parents' house for dinner.  We got there early and Nancy was making her mom's cream puffs.  I got to help her finish them up.  It was really fun!

2.  I finished the 30 days of green smoothies challenge!  

3.  I had my company health screening.  If you go, they take $30 a month off of your health insurance so of course I went!  I got a good report.  All of my numbers were within the normal to optimal ranges!  Well, except weight.  

4.  Breakfast for dinner.  Nothing better than waffles and bacon for dinner on a cold night.  Except maybe chili and cornbread, which we had this week.

5.  Heat.  This week started with highs in the 70s and ended with lows below 0.  It's been unbearably cold the last couple days and I am very grateful to have shelter and heat.  


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