High five for Friday - Snowpocalypse version

What a week!  Last weekend I was able to go out without a coat on.  Today I am home for the second day due to the snow storm that dumped about a foot of snow on KC.

1.  I am grateful for having a job where I can stay home and off the streets on days like these.  Some people will complain about having to extend our school year but I would rather be safe than sorry.  I'm also happy that Matt's work got hotel rooms for employees so they wouldn't have to drive in this mess.  We missed him but it's so wonderful he didn't have to drive.

Here is our deck and backyard on Monday.
This little guy was looking for acorns Pickles destroyed.
This is our deck and backyard on Thursday.
Pickles loves the snow!

2.  I PASSED!  I am now certified to teach Early Childhood Special Education. I looked at our district's ECSE handbook and was super excited to see that they use the Project Construct curriculum/philosophy of teaching.  I'm a constructivist teacher, trained in Project Construct!  I updated my resume and will start with the application process.  I can't do what I am doing now for much longer.  It's just not me, it doesn't match my style.  There is a whole lot of sitting and very little creativity.

3.  These shoes!  Check them out!!  These are going to be my spring and summer go to shoes.  I got to wear them this weekend.  But it may be a while before these see pavement again.  Oh Missouri weather!

4.  I got to spend a lot of snuggle time with Pickles.  Since Matt has been at Embassy Suites the last two days I've been taking even more pictures of this little sweetie to send to him.
Missing her daddy!
Not every moment has been snuggles and cuddles with Pickles.  She had to have a time out.

5.  Free workout!  I shoveled this much of the drive way and then a good neighbor stopped me.

6.  Bonus:  Our neighbor, Warren, happened to be driving by when I was shoveling.  He had just gone out to get more gas for his snow blower.  He was going to do his driveway then come do the rest of ours.  I did the walk and front stoop and tried to help with his but he wouldn't let me.  A couple hours later he came over with his shovel.  His snow blower had broken!  He felt so bad he helped me shovel the rest of the driveway.



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