Holiday Baking!

I love baking any time of the year.  But it's especially great during the holidays because I know I will see lots of people I can share it with.  Usually Matt is the only one that gets to sample my baking and I eat more of it so I spend an extra hour doing Zumba. 

Here's what I made this year.  I'll link to the recipes because my photos just don't do the goodness of these treats justice. 
I used the green, red, and white candy canes.  Yummy!  Pickles ended up helping herself to some and gave it two paws up. 

I just used chocolate almond bark to dip it into.  Super good and safe for my pregnant sisters-in-law and small children.  There's nothing wrong with some raw cookie dough but raw eggs in that high of a quantity is not a good thing.  :)

 This is my mom's fudge.  Delicious, chocolatey, and addictive.

From my favorite blog.  My favorite cookbook and now my favorite calendar.  Matt got the Our Best Bites calendar for me for Christmas. 

OMG!  These are delicious and were a hit with everyone!  They were a last minute addition to my holiday baking list.  So glad I made these.  Yum, yum, yummy!


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