Temperature blanket - February

February Update!

Here's the month of February.  This is crazy!

I ran out of green!  Green is a high in the 50s.  50s in February!  Check out all the pink.  That's the 70s.  Yellow is 60s and orange is the 80s.  We had one 80 degree day in February.  You'll notice only one day with significant rainfall.  We had a few days with light flurries but I decided I would only add the rain/snow/ice colors if it was significant.  

I am so glad that I went ahead and purchased all the colors I would need for the year.  I really expected to have more grays, light blues, purples, and teals with some white for snow/ice.

Below is a more spread out shot of the whole blanket.  You can just barely see my boot in the upper left portion.  *insert eye roll*  More on the boot later, but after less than a week I'm ready to give the boot the boot.  Hahaha!


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