Currently - March 24

Well, hello there!  Miss me?

Time:  3:08 pm

Date: Friday, March 24, 2017

Weather:  It's raining!  It's very much needed.

Watching: I haven't been watching anything at all lately.  Matt watched The Man in the High Castle.  I caught a few episodes and it was pretty good.  We ended up with a free month of Amazon Prime, so we've taken advantage of it.  I know I wouldn't want it to shop because I love to shop.  Now I realize that even for the prime tv shows and movies it's not for me either.

Listening:  I've been listening to the audio book All the Light We Cannot See.  I tried to read it but never got to it and ended up having to return it.  This is a great book!  

Looking:  Forward to Mom and Dad's visit this weekend!  Today is Jackson's 5th birthday.  His party is tomorrow.  

Eating:  I'm healthy one minute, junk the next.  80-20 is more like 50-50.  Better get back to better eating for swimsuit season.  LOL!

Drinking:  I had a straight up Dr. Pepper today and it's delicious.

Wearing:  Layers to keep up with this Missouri spring.  Cool, warm, hot, cold.  Best to be prepared.

Reading:  I've been using Bloglovin' to read blogs lately and I love it.  Other than that I'm reading the Perspectives reader.  

Smelling:  I'm diffusing tea tree, lemon, orange, and peppermint oils.  So good!

Learning:  I have been in a walking boot for a month from an injury from May 2016!  The boot didn't help.  So because my X-rays showed nothing I had an MRI.  I was sure it was a broken foot.  But nope, there was evidence of an old mid foot injury #cardiobarre and now I have osteoarthritis.  I have been googling it and treatments, exercises, etc.   

Wanting:  Leopard print slip on shoes.  Now I need to make sure to get some with good support.  Do they make old lady fashion shoes?  

Loving:  Spring!

Needing:  Now that I'm out of the boot and know that exercise will be good for my foot I'm needing to get back at it in the mornings before work.  Yes!  Finally!

Crocheting:  Still working on my temperature blanket.  It's looking good!

Baking:  I made mint chocolate meringues the other day.  I took them to work and they were a hit.  

Cooking:  Right now I have two pork loins in the crockpot to make Banh Mi bowls.  I can't wait to eat tonight!

End Time:  3:27pm


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