Oh Friday - July 24

I've been in kind of a funk this week. Extra grumpy and blah feeling. Probably not enough vacation time last weekend, I'll share our fun Memphis trip later. I'll snap out of it. So instead of a high five Friday it's just an oh Friday. Ha!

1. My drivers license is about to expire. I sent this picture to Matt with the caption this is how I feel about my new picture. 

Lol!  It's really not terrible. But compared to my old one that's how I feel about it. Here you go, the old one and the new one (that's the temporary one).

2.  When I was at the dmv the line was out the door. But it's so hot we all crammed in without regard to our personal space. A heat wave will do that. I was at the tail end of the line. There were 4 workers - 3 for car tags and 1 for drivers licenses. I got so lucky because even though I was at the tail end I was the second person waiting for a new license. I skipped right ahead. Score!

3.  Another funny from the dmv, besides my picture. She read the info on my old license and when she said the weight I had to have her repeat it. Apparently, I haven't changed my weight since I was 16. I was sure I had upped the number at my last renewal. I just laughed and moved that number up. It really tickled me!  

4. I did a little retail therapy and got a walk in at Costco today.  I walked every aisle to get a little exercise in stopping for only the good samples. And 3 pounds of chocolate chips.  Among other things. 

5.  Joey fixed my iPad!  I was sure that thing was dead. But he did it!  Yay and thanks brother!

6.  We have tomatoes!!!  There are 3 little green tomatoes on the plant. There are some flowers that I hope will become cherry tomatoes too. 


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