Family time in Memphis

Last weekend Matt, Pickles, and I drove down for a long weekend with the fam. It just so happened that Johnny and Sonia planned to go the same weekend. Extra fun!  

Pickles gets a little nervous when there are lots of big trucks around. 

We stopped in Hardy, Arkansas to walk around and check out the little shops. Antiques, junk, crafts, home goods, and a couple of diners. I really considered this purse. It's in my favorite color and has a characatuer of my favorite dog. 

We had a great time hanging out with the whole family.  

We checked out the new Bass Pro Shop on Sunday. It was super hot so it was nice to get out but be cool. 

Pickles was happy to see her cousins. She loves kids so much!  Jack shared his daddy night night with her. She's prepping for a belly rub in this picture. 

Pickles loves her daddy so much, too. 

Baby giggles are the best. Evalyn is starting to walk on her own. Stop!  

We all left on Monday. The Reagans headed down to the beach and the Vaughans headed home. But not before the obligatory stop for meat and cheese. 

It was a great weekend!


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