Friday Fun Day!

We have had a busy summer. Between Matt working and going to school on the weekends we have hardly had any time to spend a day together. No complaints because I'm so grateful and proud of how hard my sweetie works. 

First stop was McDonald's. Ha!  I know exciting. But Matt had a paper due and our internet was down. We had free wifi and lunch. 

It was a rainy day. We went to The Roasterie for the tour of the coffee factory. 

It was very interesting. 

We sat and enjoyed some coffee afterwards. Then we decided to go to the City Market. 

I just love that place. I love all the different foods and the produce. There are some cute shops there and some great restaurants. I don't know why we don't go there more often. 

We stopped at a little restaurant called Beignet.  We shared an order of beignets. They have all kinds of yummy smelling Louisiana cooking. A must visit again. 

It was a really fun day!  When we got home I was still riding a caffeine and sugar high. 

Yep, me and my vacuum. 


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