High Five (plus some) for Friday May 2

Can you believe it's May already?  Wow!  Here's my photo collage from April. 

1. We had a great Easter and I realized I missed last week's High Five. We went to church and were so excited to have Johnny, Sonia, and Jackson join us. Afterwards we enjoyed some tasty Easter ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and strawberry cake. Here's a photo of us with Jackson. 

2.  The very next day I downloaded the my fitness pal app. It is pretty cool this last week and a half I've just been logging my food and exercise. I see some patterns and a gigantic love for carbs that I need to work on. I'm lisamrv, if you use it we can be friends. I especially like the scanner. 

3.  I really like the patio furniture now!  I had a sore trigger finger but it was worth it. I really wanted to use one of those spray attachments that are way more comfortable and easy to use but Krylon redesigned their cans.  Boo!  They had the best colors. I hated the cans but the colors rock!

4.  Did you know secretaries have a day?  We do!  They surprised us with brunch, flowers, and cards. It was really nice!

5.  Last Saturday we had a fun and busy day. Matt took me to Oklahoma Joes for the first time. The one in the gas station. It was so yummy!  Then we went and spent some money at Costco. Seriously the best store!  Then we had dinner with Maggie and Patrick. Fun!

6. Check out this pretty tree in the backyard. 

7.  We painted the living room this week. It's called modest silver. We love it!

8. I love this edger tool. No need to tape off everything, just paint!  You do have to watch out for too much paint on the pad or if it gets on the wheels. 

9.  Obligatory Pickles photo. 

10.  Tonight we went to Sawyer's school carnival. It was fun! But let me tell ya, this isn't a title one school like I'm used to!  Games, auction, petting zoo and Firehouse subs!



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