Crochet the Day Away

I've been busy making some baby projects the last couple months.

I definitely have to share this neopolitan granny stripe afghan again. This one is for baby Evalyn, our newest niece.  She's such a sweet little snuggle bug!

The next is for friends from small group. Dustin and Jenni are having their second boy. It's just a simple shell pattern with some soft blue and white yarn.  One of the first patterns my grandma taught me. 

The third piece is not an afghan. I noticed in a picture on Facebook that they seemed to have a lot of afghans so I made a hat. This couple are also friends from small group. Friends that have supported us through our infertility journey in ways others couldn't because they've truly been there. We've cried and laughed our way around infertility this last year together. They've been on this road much longer than Matt and I.  Imagine the joy in the room when they announced they were expecting their first son. Many years of faithful prayer were answered. It gives us such hope. 

Brandon and Jen are almost if not more dog crazy than we are. I had to make a puppy hat!  I think it turned out pretty cute!

Make It and Love It


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