High 5 it's Friday! January 17

1.  Today has been great!  We met with my surgeon and I'm healing nicely.  He answered all of out questions. We really like him.  Then I met Mayela and Joshua for a quick breakfast.  I've spent the rest of the day cleaning.

2.  This guy!  He fixed us a delicious dinner Sunday night. 


3.  I went back to work on Monday. Man, it was great to be back at my desk!  I love working at LCF! The work is great and the people are even better!


4.  Gotta love a gift card for movies!  We saw American Hustle this week. It was really good. The story line was different than what I expected.  We both liked it.  


5.  Check out my cute new phone case!  Please do not notice the fall wreath I have hanging on the back door still.  😀🍁


6.  Did anyone watch American Idol this week?  I have hated it for a while. The judges were not good and there was a general meanness about the whole thing.  When I heard JLo was coming back and Harry Connick, Jr. was joining I had to watch. I liked it. They were all funny and seemed to get along. There was no making fun of contestants. They gave good critiques and it just felt nice. Hopefully that vibe will continue. I'll definitely watch it again if I'm able. 


  1. Yay for guys making dinner! I always love it when my husband surprises me with a delicious meal! :)


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