High 5 for Friday! 1-24-14

1.  We celebrated this cuties second birthday!  Walker had a great chocolate milk party and everyone brought him a truck just like he asked. We love you nephew number 2!


2.  Have you heard this song?  I LOVE it!!!

 3.  Our sweet Pickles is sick!  She had been having accidents in the house (diarrhea). She's never had an accident in the house.  The vet said she has a bacteria in her colon that she probably got from sniffing or eating rabbit or squirrel poo.  We know it's not the squirrels, she scared them all away from her yard but those bunnies don't scare that easy.  She's always on the prowl for the neighborhood rabbits.


We kind of love that she's on people medicine for it.  But next time we'll ask if we can purchase the people medicine at a people pharmacy.  It was twice as much at the vet's office!


4.  I finally got to use the immersion blender Matt stole from his grandma for me at the Christmas gift exchange.  I have never used one before, usually I use my awesome blender.  I think I liked it, the jury is out for now.  Note the extension cord I used so I didn't have to move the heavy pot of soup.  The joys of a small kitchen with one usable outlet.  Ha!  Someday we'll have a kitchen with more than one outlet.


5.  I used the blender in this soup from Daphne Oz on The Chew.  Who doesn't like her?  She's so cute!  The soup was okay.  It was just okay, not the best broccoli cheddar soup I've eaten but not terrible.  Maybe I didn't use fancy enough cheese.  Who knows?  Anyway, you know how I love to repurpose meals and this recipe was built for repurposing.  I made the mac and cheese last night and it was super good!  I'm having it for lunch today and serving it with dinner tonight.  (Matt had a work dinner last night so it will be the first time for him.)

I hope you are all having a great week!  


  1. I hate to hear that your puppy is sick! I'm always nervous about the rabbit droppings we find in our backyard during the summer…one of our dog eats it like it's a treat or something…ha! Hope she feels better soon!


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