High 5! 1-31-14

1.  After I made the bank run at work I had to stop for some hot chocolate. Can I just say that Caribou coffe is way better than Starbucks?  

2.  Pickles is on the mend. She likes to sleep with a toy near by.  I can't remember if I mentioned how we get her to take her pills. If it's a small pill we put peanut butter on our finger and bury the pill in the PB. If it's big then we use pepperoni and peanut butter. We make a little taco and put the pill inside. 

3. Matt stopped by World Market the other day and got is some treats. I love the blood orange Italian soda!

4.  Today was laundry soap making day. I haven't made soap since June. Today I made a double batch. It may be a year before I need to make more!  It works so well. There are two more containers not pictured. Mom, I'll be putting one in the mail for you. 

5. I found a fun app for my phone called Collect. It reminds you to take a picture everyday and you can make a collage at the end of the month. Fun!  I need reminding. 


  1. Looks like you had a busy week! Glad to hear that Pickles is on the mend. Everytime we have to give pills to our dogs I bury it in a high gob of peanut butter…they don't even know we gave them anything else! :)


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