High five for Friday!!

1.  Farm fresh eggs - yummy!  A lady at work has a connection.  Look at how pretty they are.  Tasty, too.  

2.  Pickles LOVES her dog bed.  We moved it so that it is by the couch and love seat.  She sleeps in it all the time.

3.  I bought this wine at Aldi!  It is delicious, sweet, and fruity.  

4.  We had a great Easter dinner at Jack and Nancy's.  The whole Vaughan family was there.  We had a blast playing with Sawyer, Oakley, and Walker.  I played in the dirt with Sawyer and Oakley.  We found all kinds of cool worms, roly polies, and centipedes.  Look at how big Walker is!  

5.  I love this Vegie Pasta.  I have probably made it twice in the last 3 weeks.  It's so yummy and you don't even miss the meat.  

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