Things I Love

This guy!  Who recycles because I do and does it with a smile.


This girl!  Even though she can be a stubborn poop she’s pretty awesome.  This is a picture of her after she was doped up to check her mouth. 


Last Tuesday she wouldn’t come inside so I went outside to play with her hoping to draw her in close enough to catch.  We had to go to the Chamber of Commerce dinner that night and it was going to rain so we didn’t want to leave her outside.  She was running with a stick so I threw a different stick for her.  She went for it, grabbed it by the end and took off.  It was long and the other end hit the ground and jabbed her mouth.  She screamed like I have never heard from any creature before.  I hope I never hear that sound again.  It was so loud and scary my neighbor’s son, who was playing in his front yard, ran inside to tell his mom he couldn’t play outside because someone was screaming.  She let me pick her up and carry her inside.  I did the mouth sweep but didn’t feel anything.  I was afraid a piece had broken off and was stuck so I did the baby Heimlich on her, nothing.  She stopped screaming and ran to her kennel.  She was breathing so I went outside to get the stick.  It didn’t seem to be broken.  I got her out of her kennel and checked her mouth.  She didn’t seem to be bleeding so I figured it just jabbed her.  I’m sure it hurt and she was pretty scared.  Matt and I went to the dinner but when we got home and let her out of her kennel she started yelping and we noticed she was drooling with a little blood in the drool and her mouth looked swollen on that side.  We took her to the emergency vet at 9:30pm.  They had to sedate her to take a look.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of her before she gained control of her tongue.  It was just flopping out the side of her mouth.  So cute!  Nothing seriously wrong, maybe a splinter.  We got some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory.  She loves to take her medicine wrapped in pepperoni and peanut butter.  Okay, I digressed.  This is supposed to be things I love. 

I love this orange chain.  Pickles hates it but she’ll get over it.  It’s great for all those mornings I don’t want to or have time to put her on the leash to go potty.  Without the leash she thinks it’s time to play hide and seek.  Love that dog!


I love this purse!  I have been carrying this purse for almost one full year.  I bought it Memorial day weekend 2011.  I love everything about it.  Whenever I think I should change out purses to one of the many others in my closet someone stops me to tell me how cute my purse is.  Bonus, it’s still clean and in great condition.  I love Fossil bags, this is my third one.



Note cards!  I heart pretty little note cards.  Especially from the Target dollar spot.  Check out these cute Mary Englebreit ones!


Those darn Girl Scouts and their Thin Mints.  Why are they so delicious?  It was genius of the troops in our area to have them available to purchase right away.  I got these from a coworkers daughter who had too many.



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