Gardening Pictures

As promised here are some pictures of my work in progress. 


My peonies have taken a beating with this rain lately.


Pretty pink peonies bloomed for the first time in a couple years. 


Wild strawberries that I didn’t plant.  Do I dare eat?


Here is the flower garden Matt made at the end of the driveway.  I put some purple impatiens in there yesterday.  I think some green and white hosta or the kind that have purple flowers may go in the middle.


I put the rest of the impatiens in a pot on the front porch.


Here is the front area that Matt and I made.  It’s full of weeds right now but we have plans to put plants with soft colored flowers like purples, whites, and blues.  Some pretty green plants.  I’m even thinking of growing some lettuce or broccoli in that area.  Pretty and tasty!  I’ve got some work to do.


This is a shot of one of the ferns that I want to move.  But check out the mushrooms!  You should see them today after all the rain we have had.  Weird!

Matt and I had planned on tilling up some soil in the back for a vegetable garden.  We aren’t sure about that now that we have Pickles.  She is a digger and she especially loves digging the soft soil that I turned in the hosta garden in back.  I think a few of my hosta may not survive the digging.  She dug up one of the gladiolus bulbs and played with it.  I can only imagine how much she would dig up vegetables.  I plan to do herbs in pots up high where she can’t dig them up. 


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