Have you seen this sweet little girl?
I mean, look at that face!  How sweet is that?  That is our little girl, Pickles.  We love her like she is our child.  She's such a good little girl.  It's hard not to love her.  Even when she does things like this.
Because we love her so we want her on the couch with us.  When we brought her home the first night she walked around the kitchen, went into the living room, and jumped up on the couch.  She just curled up and went to sleep.  That's when we were positive that she was our dog.  She had been in our home for just a matter of minutes and she was already making herself comfortable.  Well, notice the lovely dark red couches.  I love our dark red couches.  Pickles loves our dark red couches, too.  Unfortunately, that means...
Everywhere!  It's no surprise to anyone that knows me that it drives me CRAZY!!  Even my not so anal husband is grossed out by it.  She did not have that much hair when we got her, must be her winter coat coming in or something.  There aren't enough lint rollers in the world to tackle that mess. We had been using afghans I have made to cover the couch and love seat but the hair still sneaks through.  I had to come up with a better solution.  After perusing some blogs and my Pinterest I came across an idea to use canvas drop cloths as slipcovers.  There are some amazing tutorials for cutting and sewing to fit.  But I wasn't feeling like sewing for a couple reasons: 
1. Time
2. I'm still learning how to use my mini sewing machine.    

I saw a slip cover from a fancy, expensive company that was just draped over the couch.  It was hanging loose at the arms and looked great.  The price, however, was not great at $70+ for just one that is way out of our Financial Peace budget.
What's a thrifty girl to do?  Head to the nearest Wal-Mart, that's what!  I checked out the slip covers there.  Still $50!  So I headed to the paint department.  For $19 and some change I picked up one canvas drop cloth and headed home.
    Not perfect, but I like it.  Pickles likes it.  Hopefully Matt will too.  I didn't wash or iron it in case he hates it and I need to return it.  What do you think?  Next on my list of projects is to make new pillow covers. 


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