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This is why I teach. I got this letter from a fifth grader last week. She brought it to me as I was wrapping up the day with my current crop of kindergartners. They asked what it was. I explained that one of the fifth grade teachers has her students practice writing friendly letters by writing to their former teachers.  I sat down and held back the tears as I read this lovely letter.  One of my students asked me to read what she wrote me.  I took a deep breath and said, "I can't.  It's too sweet and I will cry."  If you knew this little girl the big words and ideas wouldn't surprise you.  She spoke like that in kindergarten. 

Pickles came to school last week.  My class has been begging me to bring her to school so they could meet her and walk her around school.  I tried to tell them she was still a puppy, that she might get scared of all the kids, anything.  But they wanted to me bring her when we filled our marble jar for good behavior and compliments.  I really wanted to take her and see how she did with the kids.  She loved them, as I expected.  But they mobbed her, as I expected.  She hid most of the day and during the time I had her on my lap she would not move.  She's not normally a lap dog so I loved it!  When they held her leash, she either ran to her kennel or jumped into my arms.  Sweet Pickles! 
Pickles is hiding from the kids as they arrive.

More hiding.  Notice she has pulled up her toy purse and squirrel close to her.

Pickles managed to get a nap in.
While she slept, the kids made pictures for her.
Check out how they hung some pictures so Pickles could see them through her windows.

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  1. Hi, I'm not a teacher but the letter from your fifth grader touched my heart, so much! Isn't it wonderful and precious??!! Thanks for sharing! Happy day to you!

  2. Thanks! That letter is definitely a keeper. Happy Holidays!


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