I love blogs!!  I started following blogs a few years ago.  I have friends who blog about their lives as a way to keep family and friends updated on what's happening.  I loved that idea but didn't feel like I was quite interesting enough for that.  Then I found food blogs.  My first and favorite was, Our Best Bites.  I love their recipes, their writing styles, and their cookbook.  Those ladies don't make bad food!  Once I started reading their blogs I started following more cooking, decorating, baking, crafty, and DIY blogs.  Then I thought, hey maybe I'm not so boring after all.  My husband thinks I'm funny.  I cook stuff.  I bake stuff.  I make stuff.  Maybe my family and friends would like to read about my adventures as a newlywed trying to balance life, love, and craftiness. 

If not, this will just be a good outlet for me and all my projects.


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