Freshening up the place

I am really not a fan of winter!  During some really gray days I made the decision to add some color to my neutrals and get a real plant!  We also needed something new for our windows.  The blinds were broken and torn from sweet Pickles.  The love seat against the window is her favorite place to sit and nap and keep tabs on the neighborhood and bark at everything.  So we decided on curtains.

We really like them!  They are lined and keep out the cold drafts as well as darken the room.  That was an added benefit.  Pickles is not a fan.  She was terrified at first. Now when the curtains are closed she just stares in confusion.  But it has stopped the night time barking, which is nice.

The curtains are from JCPenney.  The green blanket on the love seat is the dog hair catcher.  Since the love seat is against the window we went with shorter curtains.

I made that granny square pillow when I worked on my colorful granny square blanket.

I love that blue!  Blue makes me happy.

So, here's a grainy shot of our gallery wall.  I'm too lazy to try again.  Ha!  I had the fruits of the spirit in the frames but just put a sheet of scrapbook paper in there.  I cut out a red heart for Valentine's day.  The script art is by my friend Dawn.  It's from this song. 


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