Dresser Makeover

I have always really liked this dresser.  Chest of drawers?  Dresser? What's the proper term? Anyway...

The feet, the drawer pulls, the construction, the solidness of it, and of course the family history. I'm a sucker for old things with some sentimentality thrown in!  

This piece, along with a long dresser, made its way to our garage after my dad, husband, and brothers cleared out my brother's storage unit. 

We intended to sell them. We had them out at the infamous 50 cent garage sale at $50 each.  Lots of people looked. Lots of people loved them. Some took measurements. No takers. 

I was going to give them to Matt's sister but she got some from their grandma's house. So I decided to keep them. They are better than what we have. 

But our house has SO MUCH wood. Seriously, can't wait for a house with a little carpet.  I decided to paint them. There are a few gouges and it really should be stripped and refinished if I were to keep the wood finish. 

Yes, I took pictures of one of the gouges. I had one person say she couldn't believe I would paint this beautiful dresser. Until I showed her this picture. 
Chalk paint is all the rage on the designer blogs so I did a little research and found that is just what I was looking for.  I found some that fit my budget needs and picked a color. 

This paint is from Lowes. It's Valspar brand chalky finish. It is so much more affordable than any of the other popular brands. I like that you can tint it any of the Valspar colors. I chose Exotic Sea. It's bright, it's blue, it's me!  

Here's the first coat. 

I saw this trick to use plastic grocery bags in your paint tray. It makes clean up easy and saves a few bucks on those disposable liners. Great for small jobs especially!

I kind of like the look with one coat but Matt thought one more would be nice.  I do not regret doing another coat. This looks amazing!  

I had an inspiration piece that I saw at Costco for $300. It had a brown top. It was fake wood and flimsy. When I did the first coat I shared it on Facebook and took a vote about the top. A natural top won by a landslide. The ultimate vote that trumps all votes came from Mom. She liked the natural top so it's a winner for sure. 

It's really more of a turquoise than the lighting shows. It's in the office on the front of the house. No natural light, one small fixture. Anyway. It's gorgeous and has become our linen closet. I love it! 



  1. This turned out so lovey! I've used this paint before as well and really like it. I wanted to thank you personally for linking up with us for our first party at "create-share-inspire". Your support is very appreciated!


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