Pickles for the win!

Look at that sweet face!

She's such a sweet little girl. 

Pickles is such a joy. A furry little love. 

She's also smart and incredibly funny. Every month we give her a heartworm, flea, and tick pill. It works great. But we have to sneak it in a treat. 

Pickles favorite treat for medicine taking is to smother the pill in peanut butter and then wrap it in pepperoni. It took us a while to find that perfect combination. It never fails if we get it just right. 

It's pill time today and we don't have any pepperoni. But we do have cheese. She loves cheese. So I tried the same trick with a peanut butter covered pill wrapped in cheese.  

Three times she took the treat, ate the cheese, and spit the pill out. Not to be deterred by a 28 pound beagle mix I tried hand feeding it to her.  Again she spit it out and licked the peanut butter. 

I tried again with fresh cheese. I could feel her nibbling around the pill in my hand!  I gave up and mixed the pill in with her dog food. 

A few hours later, Pickles went to eat her dinner. I could see her nosing around her bowl. She was pushing the food around until she found the pill. She picked up the pill and put it on the floor. Then she chowed down on her food. 

I picked up the pill and mixed it back in with her food. What do you think she did?  Yep, she put the pill on the floor again and finished her meal. 

Guess who will be buying pepperoni this week?  

Pickles for the win!


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