I did a cleanse!

Yes. I have gone crazy!  I did a cleanse. Three days of smoothies full of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy stuff.  
How and why, you ask?  

How - I had been chatting with a friend one week about weight loss and feeling healthy. The next week I saw her and she said she and another friend did this cleanse and she felt great. It's Dr Oz's 3 Day cleanse. 
Why - because I felt icky!  And I just needed a kick in the pants. 

Here's how it worked:
Breakfast was a smoothie with raspberry, lemon, water, banana, spinach, flax seed,  and almond butter. It was pretty good. Tart but good. Then you take a probiotic and your daily vitamin. When I read about why people take probiotics, I felt like I really need that in my life. 

Lunch was just gross, but I chugged through it. Celery, kale (but I used spinach), lime, green apple, avocado, almond milk, coconut oil, and pineapple. On day 3 I ate that as a salad. Much better!

Dinner was blueberries, mango, coconut water, flax seed, kale (again spinach for me), lemon, and cayenne pepper. The cayenne was op much. I also ate this as a salad one night.  Matt even liked it. 

During day 1 I felt very tired all day. Day 2 I had a headache and felt tired. Peppermint oil helped a lot. Day 3 I felt great!  Overall, I feel like I've gotten a handle on my over the top sugar cravings and I've lost some weight. So it was a good thing. 


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