Just be you

I've had a realization in recent months that there are some things I don't like that really make me counter cultural. By admitting these few things it totally makes me a weirdo.  I don't know why I used to keep these things top secret.  I've always been okay with being weird.  

Are you ready to find out what things I don't like that it seems like everyone else does like?  Promise you'll still be my friend. Pinky promise?

This first one may cause people to gasp out loud. I didn't even realize it until Matt pointed it out to me. It's boots. I don't like boots. Tall boots, short boots, booties are just shoes trying to be trendy. I have ugg type snow boots, tall black boots, calf length brown boots, and gray sweater boots. All took me forever to find. One day while I was grumbling about putting my boots on Matt said he knew why I had such a bad attitude about boots and a hard time finding just the right pair.  He said it's because I am a summer girl. I love the beach and sandals and flats. He said it's okay if I don't like boots. 

It was like a light was switched on!   Suddenly, I felt like I had permission to be out about my feeling about boots.  I could stop my search for the perfect over the jeans, goes with everything, won't cut off circulation, or drain my bank account pair of boots.  Freedom!

Then it got me thinking about other things I don't like that I hide from the world.  There are some that I haven't been so silent about but I don't bring it up in conversation like some teen lit - think twilight, I couldn't get through the books and don't get me started with the movies. Recently, there has been divergent and hunger games. Both of the first books were not bad but not awesome or life changing or worth picking up the second. I'll just catch the movies on Netflix, maybe. 

Now this next one may be a shocker. Shrimp. Bleh!  It's a texture thing. Sometimes I find it to be rubbery and tasteless.  If it's peel and eat I can't handle it!  My father in law loves shrimp like that. The first time I quietly peeled and ate. The second time I had Matt peel.  If it's deep fried (like a shrimp po'boy) I can handle it. 

Number 4.  Kale!  Seriously, what is wrong with people?  It ranks up there on my disgusting scale with seaweed. So gross!

If I had a foodie membership card, I am sure it would be ripped to shreds for this next one. Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa.  I try to like it. I have some in the cupboard. I flavor it with things I know I like or hide it. But no, I can't get past the eyeballs. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like eyeballs and imagine corneas as I eat it?  

The last is not a huge secret either. I know I have expressed this before. I don't like running.  There, it's out officially. I can run, I do run, and I will continue to have times in life when I try to run more than others. It's good for you. Not always for the knees, but good for the heart.  Good for this chubby girls self esteem. I will forever be grateful to Mayela for gently pushing me, encouraging me, and leading a running Bible study. I never thought I could run but learning that I could was huge. 

I guess my point is just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not good. Lots of people like things I don't. I like things others don't. That's okay.  But If you don't like something because you thinks it's hard, I encourage you to try it. You will surprise yourself. 

Ultimately, just be you.  There's no one like you. God made you to be you. That's pretty great!


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