Coffee cozies - Made by Me

I made crochet coffee cozies. They are such easy gifts to make. Pair it up with a gift card for coffee and you have a great little gift. 

They are really quick and easy to make. Here's a quick run down. 
Chain 30
Join the last chain to the first chain with a slip stich. 
Row 1:  Chain 2(counts as first stitch)
Half double crochet around (29 hdc) 
Join last hdc to chain 2 with slip stitch
Continue row 1 until you reach your desired size and fasten off. 

Both of the secretaries I work with have January birthdays and both are coffee drinkers. I made a navy blue one I forgot to photograph. It was 8 rows of half double crochets. 

The tan one above I did 1 row of half doubles. Then I did 4 rows of half double crossovers. It's like making a little X with your stitches. Then one more row of regular hdcs. 

It was a fun little project and just a little way to celebrate two great new friends!


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