High Five for Friday way back from Nov 16!

Weird!  I found this unpublished post from November. I thought I posted it a month ago. Oops!  
1.  I did a little decorating for Fall. Never mind that it feels like winter. I will not forget fall. 🍁  Take a look at the jars. Do you spot what's missing?  Oops!  Happy Thansgiving!  

2.  Last weekend I made my favorite laundry detergent. I really like this stuff. My clothes are cleaner, they smell great, and this stuff is cheap!

3.  I painted my nails Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning most of them were chipped. By Thursday they were all chipped and flaking off. Frustrated I did a little Pinterest search and found this stuff called Gelous. After work I bought some and redid my nails with the same color. It's Friday late morning and so far so good.  

4.  I'm loving my essential oils. I'll do a post about my favorites soon. 

5.  Since it's going to snow this weekend I bought a new pair of boots. I haven't even finished my fall wardrobe and I'm already buying boots. ❄️


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