High Five for Friday - December 19, 2014

Well, I've been a bad blogger!  A poor keeper of memories and updates of our little Vaughan Life. Here goes High Five for December!

1.  We put up just the tree. No ornaments. I love it!  We have other Christmas decorations out around the house. 

2. We didn't really have a place for our cards this year.  I hung some command strip and strung some twine. Cards are hung with binder clips and paper clips 

3.  I really liked this book. Her story of infertility is different than mine but the message rings true for every one. God is so good to us even when things are bitter. 

4.  Sonia sent this picture of Jack looking for Santa. He thought he heard him. 

5.  I went to a painting party at an old teaching buddy's house. I had so much fun!  I mean, who knew I could paint? 

6. Reading this book now in conjunction with Reedeming Love by Francine Rivers. 

7. Last weekend we babysat Sawyer, Oakley, and Walker while Jill and Aaron went to his work Christmas party. We were at a hotel. We ordered pizza, went swimming, and watched a movie in jammies while eating popcorn.  It was the best time!  We never get to babysit these kids but the grandparents happened to have a party that night to. We love all of our nephews and nieces and love every second we spend with them. Sorry for no photos but we were having to much fun to pick up the camera phone. 

8.  B A N G S!  I needed a change. 

9. It snowed Wednesday night. Thursday morning Pickles did not want to come in. She usually is quick in this cold.  But she loves the snow. I called her in earlier and I promise she shook her head "no" at me. I called her later and she hid behind the chair.  What a dog!

10. This is step one of Dorothy's Dressing. I had the sweetest conversation with my mom's bosses mom last month. Dorothy is in her 80s and is a sweet southern lady. She makes the best southern home cookin. She used to make this for us. She even sent it on one of their trucks to Memphis for us. She wrote out her recipe so she could pass it on. She knew I would love to have it and she was right. We talked for over half an hour about how to make this as well as a few other recipes.  What a sweet lady. 


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