High Five!

Another busy week has gone by. I can't believe it's already November 1!

1.  Looks like it's going to be a cold snowy winter. 

2.  Matt and I had dinner with his family at Katie's new restaurant. Walker is a cutie!

3.  The Royals didn't win the series but it was sure exciting. It was great to see so many positive stories coming out of KC and so many people rooting on our team. There's no beach here but KC's a pretty great place to live. 

4.  I think I've figured out knitting. Don't ask me to do any other stitch, though. 

5.  Yesterday was Halloween. I had lunch with a friend that's moving soon and helped Maggie decorate for the "Happily Blended" party. Then Matt and I went to his friends house for their haunted house, the Layton Family Asylum. They go all out. It was a bit much for me. I hung with the moms and little kids trick or treating then watching Nickelodeon and cooking shows after. But here's Matt helping. 


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