High Five for Friday!

Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted a weekly wrap up top five things from my week. So I'll just dive right in!
1.  Last Friday I went to the pool with these cuties. Oh the love!  They are getting so big!  They are so big that Sawyer was at school. Ugh!  Stop!

2.  Matt and I found a new dog park to take Pickles. So we loaded her up in the car and took her down. She was a little suspicious. 

But she had fun. 

3.  A rose from my love is a great excuse to use this super cute baby vase. 

4.  Another trip to a different park with Pickles. We had a small group family picnic. Of course we had to bring our dog-child. 

I think she's bored with us in this one.  Yawn!

5. These are surprisingly not gross. They are actually tasty and quite addictive. 


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