High Five Friday!

What a great week!  I started my new job at church on Monday.  It went really well!  I am so thankful that I can shadow and learn from the person doing the job now.  I've already learned a lot and the people are great.  I love having Friday off!  It's 12:30 and I've already done most of the laundry, had breakfast and lunch, done all my shopping for next week, and started cleaning house.  As you can see from picture one Pickles loves my new schedule.

1.  It was really warm on Tuesday when I got home from work so I took Pickles for a walk then we played in the backyard.  Her favorite game is a combo of tag and watch how fast I can run.  Here she is in a mid air leap.  Love that dog!   
2. I got some cute new boots in Memphis on Black Friday.  We had a great time in Memphis!  It's so awesome that we can drive to see Mom and Dad.  It's a long drive but it's doable and so nice.  Pickles loves going to see her grandma and grandpa!

3.  I finished my ear warmer.  I just used my super easy pattern and one of my favorite flowers.  

4.  Merry early Christmas!  Mom sent me an awesome new crockpot!  This was pretty much the only thing on my wish list.  I'm so excited to use it!  First up is a roast and potatoes.  Thanks so much Mom!

5.  I've done a pretty good job avoiding all the yummy delicious holiday candy that is out now.  Until today.  I have a big time love for those Cadbury mini eggs that come out at Easter.  Check out what I saw today.  That's right!  Christmas Cadbury mini eggs!  Pickles is pretty excited about it also.


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