High 5 for Friday!

1.  I have been wanting a new high powered blender for a while.  A couple weeks ago my blender bit the dust so I have been shopping and comparing brands and prices.  I decided on the Kitchen Aid 5 Speed because I had read so many great reviews and it was the most affordable of the high speed blenders.  Matt asked me to show him the kind of blender I wanted at Target.  I wasn't sure they had this model but we went and looked anyway.  Not only did they have them but they were on clearance for half the price!!  I have made smoothies, sauces, chicken salad, frappacinos, and even some banana muffins.  I am loving it!  Even if we had paid full price I would still love it!

2.  Pickles is a sweet little girl.  Do you think Matt and I love this little dog enough?  She got a special peanut butter bone for being sweet to our neighbor whose husband is battling cancer.  She loves our neighbor!  She brings treats to the fence and Pickles will take it from her hand and run around so excited.  She won't take treats from any of the other family members.  Pickles has also been doing this thing where she naps in the shade of the house on the deck.  I think I hear her scratching to come in but I think she's just dreaming.  

3.  I got the urge to crochet last night so I started making granny squares with my left over yarn scraps.  Maybe I'll make a blanket.  I love the solid color squares.

4.  When I was grocery shopping they had an ice cream sample station.  Of course I stopped for a taste!

5.  I had a great time swimming with Jill and the kids this week.  It was so fun!!


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