Last year Matt and I ripped out the old shrubs in front of our house.  Our house has looked pretty plain since then and really needs some curb appeal.  A few weekends ago Matt created a little flower bed at the end of the driveway with some nice bricks.  That area has no grass from putting our garbage there and from leaves washing down the road and getting stuck there.  Apparently our neighbors don't know they aren't supposed to blow their leaves onto the road.  :)
This weekend Matt and I got more of those bricks to create a border around the front of the house for a flower garden.  It looks a million times better even without plants!  I need to get a picture of it.  The area is pretty shady so I have to find some shade loving plants besides hosta.  I love hosta but want some more color and diversity up front.  I've read that hydrangea and azalea do well in shade.
Speaking of hosta, after we laid out the border I went to my backyard hosta garden and divided the big ones into two or three smaller plants and spread them out.  I hope Pickles won't dig them up.
I moved a day lilly from the front yard to the back along with some daffodil to the sunny side of the backyard.
While we were working our neighbor gave us about 16 gladiolus bulbs so I planted those on the sunny side of the backyard.  Pickles did dig up one of those bulbs already!  She's got a good nose on her.  I didn't bury that one very deep so I can't blame her for going for it.
This weekend I want to get some good compost for the front yard.  Maybe some plants, maybe.  I want to transfer the ferns under the front window over to the new border.  Then fill that side with pea gravel and turn it into a little patio.  Lots of plans!  Pictures to come.  I also have a new recipe I'm thinking about.  I want to sew something with the sewing machine Matt's grandma gave me.  Lots of plans!


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