Barbie Car Redo

A couple weeks ago I came home to find a beat up looking pink Barbie jeep.  Here is a before picture.


Our neighbors were hauling it to the curb when Matt saw them he asked about it.  Their daughter is too old for it, no one had used in at least 3 years - maybe more.  It had been sitting in their backyard and didn’t even have a battery anymore. 

Matt asked how much they wanted for it.  He thought we could give it to our 2 year old niece, Oakley.  They gave it to us for free.  Free!  Matt looked up the model and we could buy a battery for it.  Fortunately, our nephew had a little four wheeler that used the same battery.  Matt’s sister and brother-in-law said the kids could just share the battery.  Good thing, because we weren’t 100% sure it would even run.

It was DIRTY!  But that’s nothing a good scrub couldn’t handle.


That was much better.  However, the stickers were peeling off and it still just didn’t look great.  What used to be a bright pink was now very pale and mottled.  Ick!  I set off in search of some plastic bond spray.  Three hardware stores later and I found the perfect pink.  I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint in Gloss Berry Pink

We scraped off the peeling stickers and covered parts we didn’t want pink.  Here she is taped up and ready to paint.  Check out the fade!


We couldn’t wait to give it to Oakley!  We had Aaron, Jill, Sawyer, Oakley, and Walker over for dinner on Saturday night.  They brought the battery and it worked!


Do you think she likes it?  She even let her big brother drive.



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