Home is where the heart is

I've been wanting to spruce up our decor lately. For a time I felt like since this isn't our forever house I didn't really need to do too much. Even though I have lived here a decade and it's been our home for five years.  I remembered my younger self not waiting around to live my life. Where did that girl go?  So time to put more of me, more of us in this house.  Even though I don't really love the layout anymore. Even though we have a serious storage issue in the kitchen. Even though we hope to move in a couple years. Time to love my space again. Dog hair and all!

Chief dog hair culprit above!

I have seen people use words in their kitchens. Big words. Words like gather, faith, joy, family, EAT. 😀. I've even seen simple shapes used. 

I thought why not combine the two?  Why not create a visual representation of something I've believed my whole life and that is home is where the heart is. Home is where your people are, memories are made, lives are lived, and more. 

So the search began for just the right size letters and a heart to use as the O. 

These cardboard letters were at Hobby Lobby for half price.  I picked up some red paint and headed home. 

I used some of my leftover turquoise paint from the dresser project. When Matt saw this laid out on the table he had no idea why I was painting the word hem. 

I am really happy with how it turned out. Home is where my heart is. 

Don't mind me in the above photo.  Someday I'll use my actual camera to take photos. Just like someday I'll use an actual computer to blog. 😜



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