Vegas baby!

At the beginning of October I took a very quick trip to Las Vegas for Maggie and Patrick's wedding. I left Thursday morning on a 6am flight. I flew United and loved it. Leg room for days and cozy seats in comparison to other airlines.  No snacks though so I learned to have something to munch on longer flights.  I had a layover in Phoenix. Check out those mountains!

After a short flight I was checking into my hotel by 10am. I stayed at Harrah's on the strip. The desk clerk was so nice!  She was able to get me checked in six hours early.  

My room was just right. The bed was comfortable and big. I do wish that the bathroom had more light but it worked. 

There was a very cute little food court downstairs so I headed down for some lunch and a treat. Macarons!

I took a short nap and a shower them met Maggie and Patrick to head to the spa at The Mirage.  We met Autumn and Kevin there. The boys went off exploring while Mags and Autumn had their hair and make up done. 

I couldn't afford to get anything done so I just watched. Until the stylist came by and told me that the girls were paying for my hair.  Many tears of gratitude were shed. We went to Autumn and Kevin's room to finish getting ready. 

Then time for the reveal!

We jumped in a limo to take us to the chapel. 

Limo lights. 

The ceremony was wonderful!  The pastor was great. The staff really had it down!  I think it was called Chapel of the Little Flowers.  The photpgraphers wee great so I only have this one photo of me and Autumn from the ceremony. 

We went back to Harrahs for dinner and some dancing. It was so much fun!

On Friday I woke up starving so I got ready for the day and went to the first place I found for breakfast. Guy Fieri's restaurant. It was really good. 

But my lunch was definitely the best!  I found Sprinkles Cupcakes. I had to get the famous red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Hands down the BEST red velvet I've ever had! 

Vegas is over the top. You could never leave your hotel. But you have to so you can see the extravagance that is Las Vegas. The food choices are endless. The shopping is like something I've never seen before. Designers I've never heard of before. Below are some pictures from my sight seeing. 

This is an escalator!

I caught the shuttle to the airport at 2:00.  I got some good reading material and my preflight peanut M&Ms. 

I don't usually look out the windows for too long but I couldn't stop. The landscape is so different than anything we have in the Midwest. It was beautiful. 

 I was home by midnight.  It was a quick trip but really good. I'm so happy I was there for Maggie's wedding. But I was so happy to get back to Matt and Pickles. 


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