High Five for Friiday

What a great week!  Well, mostly great. I did have a day where I felt pretty down. It was that time of the month, which is a good bad thing for me. Good because my body is back to "normal" bad because it's another month with no baby. It just reminds me that God's timing is perfect, we don't get to choose, so we lean into Him and trust His plan. 

But this is High Five, not boo five!

1.  I totally made up a new recipe that was so good we didn't share!  Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gooey Butter Cake. How's that for a name?  Matt just called them delicious brownies. I'll write it up next week. 

2.  Matt and I had a fun game night. Popcorn and Skipbo!  Pretty fun stuff!

3.  Here's March's collection of daily photos. Lots of good times in March. 

4.  One night Pickles was barking like crazy at the window well.  We saw two little eyes and thought it was a toad. We got her inside for the night but she didn't forget about it. The next morning the same sniffing and barking/whimpering. That afternoon she still remembered.  She would stick her head down in there but wouldn't go in. She wanted to but she'd back peddle.  We got her inside and Matt got a shovel and rake. It was a tiny bunny!  It had burrowed under the leaves. Matt managed to get it while Pickles salivated at the window. When we let her out and she sniffed the window well then she jumped in. After the bunny had hopped away. She's all bark.

5.  I had lunch with Mayela and Joshua today. He enjoys texting. Thank goodness we both have unlimited texting. 


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